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Find Karmic Reconciliation!

Heal your trauma from this life and past lives so you can create the future you want and live with purpose.

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What is a KarmicSoul?

Let's begin by breaking down the word into karmic, and soul. My understanding of our time here on earth is that we are a soul that is having a human experience to learn lessons we choose to learn (our life purpose) for the eternal growth of our soul(our soul purpose).

In order to have a human experience, we need to have a spirit (the energy that keeps our human body alive) and a vehicle (our human body).

Our spirit and body are determined by the environment in which we are born. This means the genetic makeup, the emotional trauma we have inherited for generations, the family dynamic, the time period and energies of the time, and the lessons you are choosing to work on this time around. All of it is chosen to support your soul's journey and goal for this lifetime.

I do not believe that the terms and definitions are concrete for everyone. Soul and spirit can be interchanged depending on your definition of each. The general energy and concept behind the journey is key to understanding and healing, not the words used. Meaning you can say we are a spirit, who is a soul inhabiting a body and it is just as accurate. The words don't do the concept justice anyway!

"...we are a soul that is having a human experience to learn lessons we choose to learn (our life purpose) for the eternal growth of our soul(our soul purpose)."

Karmic or karma is defined as the sum of a person's actions in this and previous states of existence and is viewed as deciding their fate in future existences.

Your KarmicSoul is the part of you that is aware of your goals here on earth and is aware that ALL life experiences were carefully set up for some greater purpose, the lesson(s) we are here to learn. It is the part that appreciates even the most painful experiences because you know in your heart it was worth it.

Connecting in and working with your KarmicSoul, your soul purpose and your life purpose for this life can bring ease to your life that allows you to make shifts you never dreamed possible. You can feel free from things that seem to be forever holding you back. You can easily create new healthy patterns and let go of those that keep you miserable. You can allow past traumas from this life and past lives, to loosen their grip and stop hindering you. You can feel better and create a better future for yourself, one you want and cream of, not the hand you were dealt.

What can KarmicSoul™ Reiki offer you?

Level 1: Heal Yourself

KarmicSoul™ Reiki offers practitioner healing for themselves first. In fact, this method of reiki asks that you get a solid foundation for healing yourself, before moving on to helping others with their healing.

In this level, you will learn to connect with your KarmicSoul™, your KarmicSoul™ Guardian. You will also learn to heal yourself past, present, and future with the powerful Deva Uzu Energy for healing on a cosmic level. 

All Reiki classes meet weekly for 8 weeks for online classes. 

KarmicSoul™ Reiki Level 1 consists of 8 weekly  1.5 hr calls.

Level 2: Heal Others

KarmicSoul™ Reiki level 2 offers practitioners a chance to begin helping others heal as a practitioner. Once you have a solid foundation for healing yourself, you can begin to use this powerful energy and method to help others heal.

In this level, you will learn how to connect with other people's souls, how to share powerful Deva Uzu energy with them, how to receive KarmicSoul™ intuitive answers for them to help heal their past, present and future as well.

All Reiki classes meet weekly for 8 weeks for online classes. 

KarmicSoul™ Reiki Level 2 consists of 10 weekly 1.5 hr classes.

Level 3: Teach

Are you a natural teacher?  Are you interested in spreading healing exponentially? 

Then consider becoming a KarmicSoul™ Reiki Teacher and share the powerful healing that Deva Uzu energy can bring to the world. Spread healing by bringing healers into the world. Hold yourself personally responsible for sharing Cosmic healing on a KarmicSoul™ level!

All Reiki classes meet weekly for 8 weeks for online classes.

KarmicSoul™ Reiki Level 3 consists of 12 weekly 2 hr classes

You are invited to join me for...

What is KarmicSoul™ Reiki?

A FREE 90-min Workshop to answer all your questions about KarmicSoul™ Reiki and what it can do for you!

Monday, May 24th, 2021 LIVE 10a - 11:30a Pacific Time

Via Zoom ~ Space is Limited

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Who is Keslie and how did KarmicSoul™ Reiki come to be?

Hi, I am Keslie Mack!

I am a wife of 19 years to my husband who is a High School Music Director. Together we have 3 daughters (12, 13, & 15yrs old) and 11 pets. We enjoy camping in our RV, playing games of all kinds, watching tv, and just being together (we actually enjoyed being home so much due to the Pandemic).

In May of 2014, my father passed away unexpectedly at the age of 58 due to a series of seizures that left him with severe, irreversible brain damage. We had barely caught our breath from losing my husband's grandfather in 2011, his father and our 18-year-old cat in 2012, and his stepfather in 2013.

It was 4 years of grief and stress and I didn't have much left in me. My father's death caused me to look at the childhood I thought I had healed from, with very different eyes. I was forced to face, head-on, the emotional, mental, and physical abuse that had affected me on levels I didn't even know existed.

I did not handle it well. Despite seeing a counselor, I was still a complete mess. By December of 2014, I was borderline agoraphobic and could not be in crowds due to massive panic attacks. I was depressed and angry. I was missing my children's lives, no trick or treating, no Winter Assembly, no school play that my kids were in, nothing. I felt like a totally failure in life. I wanted to die, but due to massive guilt, I knew I could never take my own life.

However, I began to slowly kill myself subconsciously by not eating. It appeared that the stress and anxiety were causing me horrible stomach problems. I was nauseated a lot of the time, so it was easy to not eat. I felt sick and had no appetite. By the summer of 2015, I had lost almost 30 lbs and was down to only 115 at 5' 9". I was passively and slowly killing myself, I did not want to exist.

Over the summer, three separate people in different states all suggested I check out Reiki, so I knew it was time. I found a website and fell in love with the philosophy and the teacher's attitude. Seridipdously the teacher was offering a "What is Reiki?" class the next week.

During that class, I received a Reju, a Reiki Blessing, and something in me changed. I left not understanding what had happened and what exactly I was feeling, but I knew a major shift had happened ad I knew I wanted more.

In May of 2016, I received my Reiki Master Teacher Certificate. I worked on friends and family mostly and then became a Certified Hypnotherapist in 2018 and a Certified Hypnotherapy Instructor in early 2020.

During this time I also developed several intuitive gifts. I can feel underlying emotions and painful past experiences connected to current situations in other people. I can communicate with inner-children and past parts of your soul (this lifetime and past lives) and receive information. Rarely, those who are no longer with us in physical form (alive) will contact me with messages. This is only when it is needed by the living person. I am not in control of these messages.

Since I had experienced so much trauma growing up, I fell in love with trauma healing. In 2020, I took over 60 hours of classes through The Arizona Trauma Institute designed for licensed medical professionals on trauma, Childhood trauma, PTSD, Complex PTSD, and Domestic Violence recovery so I could feel confident helping people who have experienced a range of abuse and trauma without retraumatizing them.

I was moving my business forward focusing on helping people recover from childhood trauma when Reiki once again disrupted my life and my plans for the future.

In early December 2020, I began channeling KarmicSoul™ Reiki. The spirit of Mikao Usui, "The Father of Reiki", came into an attunement I was doing and began instructing me on a new way of experiencing reiki. I am still receiving downloads daily as I am currently creating the KarmicSoul™ Reiki Manuals and system through Instructor Level and the information is only coming through on a need to know basis.

When KarmicSoul™ Reiki came, my natural gifts also increased. I am now able to see very clearly into past lives and see which ones need healing to have an impact on you in this life and for the situation at hand.

This powerful energy also allows me to see into the future to confirm what directions are in alignment with your current energy and feelings.

Since December I have channeled the name, symbols, attunements, outlines for the manuals, schedules, fonts, and more. Most recently Usui agreed to give me 2 to 3 inspirational quotes per week called Usui's Inspirations (click here to follow on Facebook).

I have always felt, even as a child, that we are here for something, for a purpose, not just to exist, experience pain, procreate, and then die. There had to be more. Now it is clear to me that my suspicions were correct! And I have a tool to help not only my spirit in this life and my soul (the part that experiences multiple lifetimes), but to help others and even teach others to do the same.

Are you ready to experience the life-changing effects of KarmicSoul™ Reiki?

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    Who brought Reiki to the world?

    The "Father of Reiki"

      Mikao Usui

      Brought Reiki to the wolrd in early 1920's 

      Usui Mikao was born on the 15th August, 1865 (Died March 9, 1926) in Kyoto in Japan. Usui came from a family of Samurai's and was raised as a Samurai from childhood, specifically in the martial arts techniques of Aiki.  His studies included history, medicine, Buddhism. Christianity, psychology, and Taoism.

      He brought Reiki to the world after a 21-day spiritual journey up Mt. Karuma. He realized he could help others with the energy he was given or he could teach people to access the energy themselves by showing them how to reach the state of awareness that was necessary to receive it.

      He taught many students how to access Reiki Energy, as many as 2000 it is said. Although there are many hands-on healing modalities, what sets Reiki apart is Usui's use of reijus and/or attunements to remind students of their spiritual connection.

    Soul Reconciliation

    For thousands of years, Tibetan Buddhist monks have lived their lives in solitude and prayer trying to reach ascension and bliss. They spend their whole lives trying to escape the human wheel of life.

    This makes sense because the human experience is painful and hard. Horrible things happen in human form. I get it, I've wanted to escape my painful human existence too, but I believe they have it all wrong.

    Bliss and ascension can come not when we remove our selves from our human existence or try to escape it, it is when we accept it and reconcile it on a soul level for growth on a soul level we can either understand we are ready to move beyond the human experience or we are very clear what needs to be healed so we can enter our next existence with minimal, focused plans in place to reach ascension.

    Each life we have the opportunity to achieve soul reconciliation. A Karmic balancing of your soul's checkbook, of sorts. This is the sum total of your soul's experiences. Soul reconciliation allows you to understand this life, heal from this life and past lives, and create a way of being moving forward that supports your soul's growth for either soul ascension or karmic paving into your next life.

    During a soul reconciliation, your soul can detach from spirit of this life, remembering, getting back to you as a soul. Total acceptance of this human form as a lesson for your soul.

    When we reach soul reconciliation and understanding, soul acceptance, we reach a place where we choose our experience in this life and future existence, consciously.

    Detach from your ego and reconnect with your soul, by complete acceptance and understanding, so you can be enlightened BY your experiences, not FROM them.

    Use all the experiences your soul has had, to fully embrace your soul and heal past trauma so you can detach from the pain in this life and the pain your body has accumulated in this human experience.

    Who is this for?

  • You are ready for big changes in your life.

  • You believe that you are some form of energetic being having a human experience.

  • You understand that you planning your painful childhood is not an excuse for the way you were treated and does not negate the pain you experienced or its effects on you today.

  • You are open to the mystical and the magical.

    • You are have had a rough begining to your life.

    • You are committed to persevering for your greater good and will face tough moments and emotions head on.

    • You understand that you create your experiences.

    • You believe that you have human experiences for a greater purpose.

    • You can visualize or imagine visually in some way.


    Coming soon will be what people are saying about working with KarmicSoul™ Reiki and Deva Uzu Reiki Energy.

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